wedding villa in tuscany wedding in tuscany wedding centerpiece in florence
wedding villa in tuscany wedding in tuscany wedding centerpiece in florence



Top Five Trends For A Bridal Bouquet

Getting married in 2017? Flowers are a big feature in most weddings and none more so than the bride’s bouquet.

Let’s take a look at what’s trending in bridal bouquets:

1. Greenery

Green has been named Pantone’s trending colour of the year for 2017, so you can expect to see lots of on-trend brides opting for an overwhelming green colour in their bouquets, moving away from traditional reds, pinks and purples and yellows. From showy big acanthus leaves to small ivy, there is a natural look when opting for natural greenery in a bridal bouquet.

2. Over-Sized

Whilst the dress used to be the sole attention grabber in a bride’s ensemble, the trend of over-sized bouquets means that there will be more than just your outfit to think about in 2017. This year, the saying the ‘the bigger the better’ has never been more apt. Think long draping bouquets and full arm covering arrangements rather than smaller posies.

3. Jewel Tones

In previous years, the trend for bridal bouquets has always been to favour pastel colours, but 2017 is predicted to be the year where brides are encouraged to embrace jewel tones. Don’t be afraid of bolder colours that will perfectly accent your wedding gown. Jewel tones mean sapphire blue, amethyst purple, emerald green, ruby red etc. These bright colours are the perfect accent in a colour scheme.

4. Hot Pink

Hot pink has been the colour of choice this year so far for many new collections on the catwalk as well as some of the best looks on awards show red carpets. Add some hot pink buds or blooms into a pastel bouquet to really make your flowers pop on your big day and echo it in the groomsmen’s buttonholes and bridesmaids posies.

5. Home Grown

The trend for making your bridal bouquet from scratch is going to be bigger than ever this year. If you have the time and commitment to be able to grow your own stems, then having a homemade bouquet at your wedding is a special way to make the day really personal and special.


3 Inspirations for Wedding Table Decor

Wedding Table Decoration is a fine art itself. It is something spouses want to be iconic and memorable. The perfect decor will welcome guests and represents the unique style of the couple. At Wed in Florence we are delighted to help couples to let their dreams come true! We offer a unique and creative Wedding Decor Service. Get inspired by those 3 unique styles of Wedding Table Decor…

Janina & Lee Peach Tones Wedding

This intimate wedding took place in the Chianti area. Janina and Lee decided for a lovely and colourful table, decorated with seasonal floral arrangements in peach tones.



The heart themed placeholders with the names of the guests, recal the embroidery details in the flower’s mason jars of the centerpieces. That’s so sweet!


The table is fresh and romantic. The peach tones are very light, almost watercolour or pastel, illuminated by a soft candlelight. The mason jars used for the centrepieces  are all decorated with a romatic lace that matches perfectly with the mood of the table.

A fresh and light decor, perfect for an informal family wedding.

Katie & Jack and the Butterfly

The wedding of Kate & Jack is the ccelebration of love for this young, beautiful couple. The wedding was held in a private villa in the countryside of Tuscany.


A flower composition from the wedding arch was reused to create this decor for the seating plan. The simple frame recon the white tones of the hydrangeas. The origami butterflies give to the seating plan an elegant and distinctive aspect. The two puppets symbolise the young memories of the bride and a new life together.


One of the details of this wedding is the butterfly. Butterfly with its gracefulness, is perfect for the placeholders, a gracious origami-style butterfly shaped paper.


The table, simply decorated with all the white flowers, like roses, calla lilies and tulips, full of candles, perfectly matches with the menus. The menus were enriched with small swarovski, to give a bright but cohesive touch at the table. The style is simple and essential as the style of this wedding reception.


Lane & Giovanni Elegant Centerpiece

For the wedding of Lane and Giovanni we have thought about something completely different.


The centerpieces are focused on the silver cups, that create a retro-chic atmosphere. The burgundy palette is simply perfect for this table set up.



A gentle candlelight provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The perfect mood to start an unforgettable dinner to celebrate the good days that will come.


What’s your perfect Wedding Decor? Let us know your feedback and comments!  and, of course, send us your request for your decoration for your dream wedding reception in Italy!


Photos by Sebastian David Bonacchi Photographer and Fotoori.



Rainy Wedding in Florence – Alan & Michelle

Rainy Wedding in Florence – The last thing a bride wants on her wedding day is the rain! You can imagine… The wedding planner and her staff just finished  to set up the wedding reception outside and then a storm causes chaos. But if weddings are well-planned rain can be managed, allowing the couple to enjoy an unforgettable day. This is what happened for Alan & Michelle’s big day. The wedding was organised by Wed in Florence at the end of April 2016.

Rainy Wedding in Florence

The location was the amazing Villa di Maiano, just few kilometres away from Florence.
Thanks to its charming and roomy indoor spaces, the venue was the perfect location even for a rainy day. With the wedding reception moved inside the spacious Villa, guests continued to gather together with the couple and enjoy the aperitif while sipping their prosecco comfortably seated at their tables.
The fabulous frescoes on the walls and the wonderful tapestries added a special touch of charm and bright the ambience. Everybody had a good time, taking selfies and dancing together with the newly weds.

Rainy Wedding in Florence

The rain didn’t stop the amazing time of Alan & Michelle. Despite the weather, unique pictures were taken on the Ponte Vecchio and outside the Villa with an adorable umbrella. And in the end the couple, bridesmaids and groomsmen embraced the rain with no more than a few drops on their outfits. Florence is naturally romantic and the weather simply added a dreamy atmosphere to these moments.

Rainy Wedding in Florence

Rainy Wedding in Florence

Being prepared for any obvious pitfalls is a given. However, only a professional wedding planning agency has the experience to manage inconveniences before they turn into catastrophes. Professional wedding planners will transform your ideas into reality while taking the practical steps to ensure your big day goes without a hitch. Moreover as a local agency, Wed in Florence knows and works with the best vendors, who are ready to make your special day even more special, as it was for Alan and Michelle.

Photographer: D A M Studio


Behind the Scene: Rustic Elopement in Chianti

Rustic Elopement in Chianti – Jenine and Eric tied the knot in the beautiful Tuscany. This couple from California decided to elope in the heart of Chianti just with their families.  The marriage was celebrated in the stunning Montrogoli, a charming venue surrounded by enchanted forests, infinite vineyards and olive groves as far as the eye can see.

Rustic Elopement in Chianti

The rustic and romantic themed elopement was organised by Wed in Florence. Aren’t you curios to know more about wedding decorations and the fab naked cake?!
Discover with Wed in Florence the“Behind the scene” of this Rustic Elopement nestled in the Chianti hills.

Queue the drums…and here they are:


Wedding Favors: is there something more rustic of favors that merge together the true Italian food as Olive Oil and a rosemary stick with a pretty thank you card? A simple and lovely cute little bottle for a day to remember! Moreover everything was local! The Olive Oil was produced by a local farmer and rosemary came directly from a plant of Montrogoli’s vegetables garden! This added a much more intimate vibe to the gift for the guests.


Table Decorations: we have fallen in love with this rustic (or simple) but enchanting table decoration. The beautiful plants, romantic greenery and local aromatic herbs were used to decorate the table for the dinner. In order to create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere, soft candles were used to add a special touch to the herbs of rosemary, lavender, thyme and sage.

The mix of the little pots and lights was so beautiful and charming that made everything even more special.


Naked Cake: a three layers cake that stands out. The cake, produced by Dolce Lab, an artisanal and artistic patisserie in Florence,  looks amazing and handsome. An impressive sweet made with a cheese cream and fresh wild berries. A perfect mix to celebrate the union and the love of this splendid couple.
The perfect touch for your special moment of cutting the cake.


That’s all for now! More pictures of this Rustic Elopement in Chianti to follow soon! Stay tuned and get a look at our Pinterest Board for more inspirations of real weddings organised by Wed in Florence!


Stunning villas for your Wedding in Florence

Are you dreaming to celebrate your Wedding in Florence? Discover Villa Laura and Casa Bella!

Villa Laura is a splendid property, situated just 6 kilometres from the city centre of Florence. Villa Laura has a breathtaking views over vineyards, olive groves and the monastery of Florence. It’s an historical and charming country house of the seventeenth century which has now been restored and transformed into a Residence and Bed & Breakfast. In its interiors the villa include also large apartments with the best services and comfort.

The stylish and relaxed atmosphere of this property makes it perfect for weddings and celebrations.


Despite being very close to the town, Villa Laura offers great quiet and peace thanks to the hills around it and the narrow roads taking to the property.


Look how amazing is the view from the swimming pool and imagine to have your wedding reception set in this place! Moreover the elegant furniture and the beautiful garden will make your big day even more special!

Big aperitif in the evening and cosy accomodations for the night… 

A perfect combination of tradition and culture, Villa Laura offers comfortable and functional sleeping arrangements, suitable for couples, friends and families travelling with children. This wedding venue offers both rooms and apartments. On the ground floor there are a living room and a big common room.
This fab venue offers accomodations for 27 pax plus other 20 beds available as a extra.

Casa Bella

Just 20 mins off Florence, surrounded by the rolling hills of the Chianti region you find Casa Bella.
This splendid villa is situated on a hilltop in the Chianti area at a height of 400 meters. Its truly extraordinary position offers the guests of the villa an extensive view of one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany. Here you can enjoy an extraordinary Tuscan landscapes with vineyards, forests and amazing cultivations of olive’s trees.

Wedding in Florence

Casa Bella is the perfect place for celebrating weddings in the magic atmosphere of the Tuscan charm. The authentic beauty of the nature perfectly combined with the rustic of the stones, give to this place a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The garden and the view are stunning. The interior is fab as well…

On the ground floor you will find a large living-room with fireplace, a bar – equipped with professional espresso and cappuccino machine – and a charming dining-room with a central oval table.
The rooms are restored in a simple and refined style; each of the 7 rooms is different and it has its own ensuite bathroom.

romantic wedding

Casa Bella has wide spaces that are at the guests’ disposal, among them a panoramic terrace for al fresco dinners, a covered patio for a relaxing aperitif and an infinity swimming pool.

romantic wedding

The Swimming pool is located in a panoramic position, it is stone-built. Inside the swimming pool you can relax while seated on a stone bench equipped with hydro-massage.

Do you want more info about these venues? Please contact us at [email protected] or fill our form here!


Romantic Venue for Your Elope to Florence

You are now engaged and dreaming about a destination wedding in Florence? You not keen on a big affair? Or do you dream something all about the two of you? Eloping is the perfect option! You’ll fall in love with this romantic venue for your elope to Florence.

Now we’ll reveal you a place that will make your elopement unforgettable.


Romantic Venue for Your Elope to Florence

Ancient Tower with Terrace upon the river Arno

A stunning ancient tower with seventh floors that has a terrace with a breathtaking view over the beautiful river Arno. By booking this venue, you will have at your disposal the use of a Florence panoramic terrace for your ceremony and for the aperitif. Our celebrant will be already there waiting for you to exchange your vows among your family and close friends. Our wedding planner will be meeting you the day of the wedding and will assist you during the day.

Romantic Venue for Your Elope to Florence


This Ancient Tower is a refined location built in the mid-thirthteen century. This medieval building has a prestigious history of bebeeing the house of famous Florentine families in the Renaissance period. A beautiful place of elegance and charm where the couple can enjoy the amazing view of the most important monuments of Florence.

Feel the grandeur of Florence while you are sipping your Prosecco over the Terrace! Or listen classical music while your seated on your comfy bed! Spacious suites with pillows, walls with pastel tones and elegant curtains, all rooms have finest furnitures which add to your elope more charm. Trust us you’ll feel like a queen and a king!



Wed in Florence has special eloping packages for you! Our deal will include the intimate ceremony in the most exclusive panoramic terrace of Florence, the wedding dinner – served directly in the breath-taking terrace of your suite by a private chef and many other services.

Do you want to have more information about our elopement packages? Please get in contact with us at [email protected]!

Happy planning your elopement with Wed in Florence!


Do’s and don’t for wedding guests

The wedding season is now open! If you are planning on attending a wedding this summer you should be aware about new trends and rules. This list of do’s and don’t for wedding guests will be useful to enjoy the ceremony and have fun with the new couple.


  • RSVP by email or by card? Tell to the bride and to the groom you will be there in the same way you get the invite. If you get an email a quick response to it will be more than appreciated. Otherwise send them a nice card with your confirmation.

wedding guests

  • Go for an elegant outfit. Women have to avoid all nuances of white or a color close to the bridesmaid dresses. Pastel nuances are always the best choices! Men have a reduced variety of colors to choose. All tones of blue add a twist to every wedding outfits.
  • Be part of it! Chat and dance with the couple! Chat with them and stay away from your smartphone. They have chosen you for gathering their love and their new life together!


  • Take Selfies, selfies, selfies! Accept to do a selfie if the bride or the groom ask you for it. Don’t take selfies all ceremonie long. Remember the couple have chosen a professional wedding photographer to shoot the wedding. So laugh, dance and cheers during the fab day leaving your phone in the bag.

wedding guests

  • Skip the ceremony: as a guest you should attend the full experience. Don’t skip the ceremony especially a religious one if you are supposed to participate.

wedding guests

  • Stay out the trowing of the bouquet: take part in this important tradition the bride wants to share with all guests. Even if you don’t like it remember to make everything special for the bride and the groom and to make them happy accepting their requests.

5 Italian Traditions for Weddings

Italians like a lot traditions. Thoughout their lives they have customs for a huge variety of special occasions such as birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries and weddings of course.

Wed in Florence has chosen five of the most famous Italian traditions for weddings for you….queue the drums….and here they are:

1- For the bride: something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue. The bride has to wear something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue on the day she says “I do”. This is a tradition dated back to the Victorian age for wishing prosperity to the bride. It is said that something old and something borrowed are given as symbols of a strong connection with the bride’s family. Blue represents the color of purity and happiness. This could be a decoration to put in the bride’s hairdo to add a touch of romance and elegance.

2- The bride’s gown: a homemade dress worn by the bride signifies misfortune. In fact the tradition holds that the bride’s gown should be bought or rented. It is also important that the groom does not see the bride’s outfit until their big day.

Traditions for Weddings

3- The bride’s veil: it is said that the veil has to be received from a happy bride to wish good luck to the couple. This is the symbol of a successful wedding.

4- Wedding rings: there are a lot of traditions in relation to the wedding rings. Here are the most famous ones:

  • the rings must not be worn the day before the wedding
  • the engagement ring and the wedding ring should be bought on separate days
  • if the rings fall they must be picked up by the priest – not by the couple!

Traditions for Weddings

5- Blessings for the new home: a sweet and cute gesture for a life full of joy – the groom has to take the bride into his arms and carry her over the threshold of their new house. By doing this he will protect her from evil spirits and avoid the bad luck that is believed to curse a bride if she falls down. Furthermore, the bride has to step inside with the right foot first then with the left one.

Do you know any other Italian traditions for Weddings? Share them with us!

Photo credits: Sebastian Bonacchi Photographer  


Paperwork for Destination Weddings in Tuscany

Destination weddings require you to provide paperwork to get legally married. Wed in Florence can help you in this process giving paperwork assistance for a legally binding wedding, a legally binding religious wedding, religious only wedding.


How does it work to get documents?

  1. Request of assistance: Please email your request of assistance at [email protected] of send us a message through Facebook. Discover our page Wed in Florence.

Tell us about your wedding:

  • Date of the ceremony
  • Type of the ceremony
  • Your nationalities
  • If you are already been married or not
  1. Contact from Wed in Florence: as soon as we receive your request, one of our team members will connect with you explaining all our packages. Our services can be tailored upon your requirements with a wide selection of a la carte services.We can arrange and assist you with legalities and documentation. With us your destination wedding will be completely stress-free!

We invite you to secure your date as soon as possible. Florence is a very popular destination for weddings and leisure both. As a result, our calendar fills up very quickly.

Don’t miss the amazing opportunity to make your destination wedding in Florence! A unique and unforgettable experience for you and for your guests!

Photo credits: David Bonacchi Photographer


Delicious Wedding Cakes Made in Florence

Are you looking for an original and delicious wedding cake made in Florence? Allow us to introduce you to Dolce Lab, an artisanal and artistic patisserie situated in the heart of Florence.

At Wed in Florence, we have fallen in love with the style and the flavour of their products. They make and serve delicious cupcakes, muffins, cinnamon and chocolate rolls, cheesecakes, crumbles, brownies and of course wedding cakes. Their products are mainly based on a British tradition of cake making, which are slightly customised according to suit the Italian style. The shape and structure of their famous layer cakes is mixed with Italian ingredients in order to produce beautiful and tasty products.

delicious wedding cakes made in Florence

Dolce Lab can be described with two words: professionalism and creativity. In relation to wedding cakes, their attention is focused on the bride’s desires, which will guide Dolce Lab throughout the process. Whether she dreams of a simple one or a multi layer cake with decorations, they will create a unique and completely made product. Requests come first, then the colour and the theme of the marriage will be considered. Are peonies and roses the flowers of your wedding? Then your cake will be designed with these elements!

Last but not least, a tasting session will be arranged for you to taste the different ingredients of your cake.

Would you like to arrange an appointment to learn more about Dolce Lab? Please email us at [email protected]! We are organising a cake tasting! Don’t miss it!